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India Equity Story—MAUKA MAUKA !!!!

The last cricket World Cup will be remembered for a catchy ad emphasizing on “Mauka “meaning opportunity .The current situation of India in the background of somewhat sluggish global environment reflects this situation where several factors have converged to concoct an enviable position which any country would possibly dream off!! .These factors can be listed as follows :-

Strong Govt at the Centre
In the last 68 years of Independance we have seldom seen such a refreshing scenario where under the leadership of the Prime Minister ,the entire country is echoing unanimous sentiments bordering on change .The same message has been taken far and wide across the globe and suddenly from being seen as a corrupt and slow progressing country ,India is being perceived as a land of opportunities by the international community.

Crashing commodity prices and soft interest rates
This has come as a great boon to India as strong commodity prices particularly crude was the chief contributory towards stubborn inflation .The strong crude prices put immense pressure on the trade deficit but with it coming down from dizzy levels of $90 to $45 in a span of 18 months this has eased the situation considerably .Besides this ofcourse the infra focus has again got recharged as India could now take advantage of low commodity prices and interest rates to create a strong infrastructure of road, railways ,ports ,bridges ,etc which has been a cause of worry for several decades as it has acted as an impediment to rapid growth.

India is seen as an “oasis “
The entire world economy is going through a sluggish phase with Europe and China being the chief culprits and investment opportunities for the global community has narrowed down to one choice ie India .The reasons are not far to seek .Firstly the proactive nature of the Prime Minister who himself has taken upon the responsibility of marketing the India story to the world at large .Secondly the sheer size of opportunity that exists in a country with a growing populace where the consumption theme could offer several opportunities.

All in all ,the culmination of the above factors presents India an excellent opportunity to rectify existing deficiencies and re-energise the growth engine which could propel the country among the top economic powers of the world .


Our strong inhouse belief in the India growth story stems from primarily the data points which are overwhelming.

Consumption led growth potential
Till a few years back the BRICS countries were the growth engine for the world economy.However ,things have dramatically changed .While Russia and Brazil are facing severe slowdown as both are commodity driven economies and the crashing commodity prices have proved to be a dampener .On the other hand China which had all the while seen an export led growth

Equity overtakes other investment vehicles
There has been a significant shift in the perception of investors which till some time back was dominated by real estate ,gold ,debt ,instruments ,etc.However ,with rental yields now down to abysmal levels of sub 2% in the wake of spiralling real estate prices this space now does not hold the same risk reward attraction as earlier.Besides with easy monetary policies world wide ,gold which is largely an investment vehicle for risk averse investors does not hold the same attraction. Debt has been on the bottom of preferred list of investments due to the falling interest rates .Thus equity is back on the priority list of investments and even the domestic mutual funds inflow bears out this preference and the domestic mutual funds daily buying into equities shows a positive trend .

Expected turnaround in economy
The economy is still grappling sluggish times but green shoots are visible in the macro data which suggests that better times are ahead and an uptick in the economy could result in a sharp re-rating of the country leading to surge in equities .

Equity Advisory services.

This latest initiative has come about, to expressly fill the void that exists in terms of personalised and well-designed investment solutions that can help make the most of the opportunities provided by our equity markets. During our interaction with high networth investors, we clearly could identify the gaps that exist in the current set of offerings on the equity front with respect to the specific needs and objectives that investors have faced while availing of various offerings like PMS, MFs & AIFs. Based on this understanding, we are happy to share with you, our very own offering within the area of Equity Advisory, bearing the following salience:

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  • Governed by SEBI regulations related to Investment Advisory services

  • A low threshold of INR 1 cr as the minimum participation corpus (could be in cash or scrips equivalent)

The fee structure for the above services are available as three distinct options.Based on one’s discretion you could choose either of them

To help you get started on your wealth creation journey through equities, all that we need is 30 minutes of your time to understand your specific needs and goals by taking you through a simple risk-profiling exercise basis which, we can get ready to begin the flow of our inputs to you!

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Prakash has over 25 years of capital market experience across various verticals such as mutual funds, institutional broking, venture capital and investment banking. He is a sought after commentator on Equity markets in the media particularly for his stock selection. His eye for details as well as spotting undiscovered potential stocks have made him a much sought after commentator in all business channels like CNBC, ET NOW,Bloomberg ,NDTV and Zee Business.


Has been in the financial services industry for over 20 years and been involved in a wide range of activities ranging from research ,broking ,HNI &institution servicing ,hedge fund advisory and accounting .A Chartered Accountant by profession ,over the years has also developed a keen insight of market technicals with special focus on mid-caps. Derivatives is another area closebtnly tracked to throw up trading ideas as well as predicting overall market trends.

Regularly features on all business channels like CNBC,CNBC Awaaz ,ET NOW,NDTV Profit, Bloomberg, Zee Business besides in views in the print media.

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