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International Bank Accounts

From leading International Private banks, Retail banks to Boutique banks in UK, Jersey, Gibraltar, Singapore etc - ACUK can arrange for you to open accounts with the institution most suited for your needs and we will hand hold the entire process.

  • Hand holding the process of opening accounts overseas
  • Assistance with LRS applications in India
  • Assistance with coordinating all issues with banks overseas
  • Arranging debit cards and other banking facilities on a case-by-case basis

International Investment Portfolios

ACUK has access to the leading discretionary and advisory portfolio managers who can help build your portfolio based on your risk, return and time horizon for the investment.

  • Identify suitable managers who can advise you on a holistic basis on building a investment portfolio based on your risk appetite and return expectations
  • Coordinate with the managers all issues relating to on going management of the portfolio
  • From time to time identify and showcase interesting investment opportunities the same

Corporate Advisory Services

  • Identify business investment opportunities globally
  • Help with structuring the acquisition
  • Help with incorporation of the overseas company
  • Work along with leading advisors to ensure adherence to local rules and regulation
  • Real Estate – identify suitable real estate options for the company

Real Estate Advisory Services

  • Identify Individual apartments or single houses for investment or as “second home”
  • Handling and coordinating the buying and selling process
  • Arranging financing options for property acquisition
  • Exclusive Real Estate Development Opportunities through Deal club
  • Legal and Tax Structuring and ensuring adherence to local rules and regulations

Tax, Immigration and Relocation Services

  • ACUK will work with leading tax experts to help understand and comply with relevant to international tax jurisdictions.
  • Work along with selected leading legal, immigration and tax experts to guide families on their immigration options.
  • UK Investor Visa and Entrepreneur Visa requirements and suitability.
  • Assistance with Tax implications of the same both in host and the chosen country.